Iluka Nature Reserve and adjoining coastal areas have been the focus for recent environmental works, delivered through coordinated action by Envite Environment, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and local groups.

Local community group, Envite Environment have been working alongside National Parks to improve native vegetation communities, control weeds and manage feral animals in the area.

Local youth have been involved in this work through Envite Environment’s Iluka Green Army team. Green Army is an Australian Government initiative for young Australians aged 17-24.

Green Army supervisor, Phil Penberthy, said “The team have been working hard to improve sensitive coastal environments between Shark Bay, Woody Head and Iluka, in Bundjalung National Park and Iluka Nature Reserve”.

“Initially the team focused on bush regeneration, controlling environmental weeds and enhancing native habitat. This work quickly evolved to include monitoring of feral animals including pigs, on detection of an active pig wallow,” Mr Penberthy said.

The Iluka Green Army team have been working closely with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service to deploy remote sensor cameras to monitor feral pigs and native wildlife.

National Parks Area Manager, John Fisher, is happy to have Green Army assist with collecting and analysing footage captured by the monitoring equipment.

“Green Army collects and analyses monitoring data which helps National Parks to plan and implement our trapping program,” Mr Fisher says.

“Collaboration has enabled National Parks to trap and remove 22 feral pigs, a significant achievement considering the extensive damage pigs cause to natural areas and threat they pose to native wildlife,” Mr Fisher continues.

This work is complemented through a State Government funded coastal rehabilitation project.

Envite Environment is working in partnership with Iluka Landcare Dunecare group, the Bunjalang community and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service to target Bitou Bush and other coastal weeds within Bundjalung National Park.

The project area captures coastal dunes, headlands as well as areas of Littoral Rainforest, the rainforest in close proximity to the coast. Littoral Rainforest in Iluka Nature Reserve is part of the largest remaining stand of Littoral Rainforest in NSW and is World Heritage listed.

This project, delivered by Envite Environment, is assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust. Works will run as part of this project until mid-2018.

For more information on current projects and Green Army activities visit Environmental works delivered by the Iluka Green Army team will be showcased at their graduation on Wednesday May 24. Community members are invited to attend. For details email