Envite Bush Regeneration & Ecological Restoration Services

Envite Landholder Services

Ecological restoration services are implemented in partnership with:

  • Private and public land managers
  • Indigenous Communities
  • Landcare, Dunecare & other community groups
  • Local Councils
  • State Government
  • Australian Government
  • Parks & Forestry
  • Private landholders
  • Land & Road Development Consultants & Contractors

Envite Environment has implemented environmental grants exceeding $12 million and other ecological restoration contracts valued at over $15 million. In 2015 – 2016 financial year, 31 environmental grants and 170 fee-for-service projects were underway.


Spraying invasive speciesProfessional bush regenerators are experienced in restoration of diverse ecosystems including rainforest, coastal vegetation communities, creek bank vegetation, schelorophyl forest, wetlands and grasslands.

Weeds are controlled systematically so that native plants can regenerate and take the place of weeds. EnviTE Environment works with appropriate licences in habitat of threatened species and Endangered Ecological Communities.

All bush regenerators are ChemCert qualified and experienced in chemical, biological and manual weed control techniques. We are equipted to undertake large scale projects using equipment appropriate to requirements including power spray units, generators and stem injection of woody weeds and splatter gun control of lantana and other weeds.

Planting seedlingsIn areas of with low resilience and natural regeneration potential and on landscaping and infrastructure project, EnviTE Environment can implement any scale of revegetation project.

We can undertake seed collection and propagate local native plants in our plant nurseries.

EnviTE Environment can ensure successful establishment of plants through knowledge of appropriate species selection, planting design, site preparation, planting, mulching, watering and site maintenance.

Site regeneration preparation with crew watering seedlingsEnvite Environment has a demonstrated capacity to implement large scale infrastructure landscaping and biodiversity offset projects associated with highway upgrades, developments and other projects.

Extensive experience has been gained on various sections of Pacific Highway upgrades.

Reviewing a map for site renewalEnvite Environment coordinates of all aspects of natural area restoration projects. This includes project development and planning, liaison with stakeholders, coordination of on-ground works, monitoring, evaluation and reporting and administration and financial management.
Envite Team consulting site mapEcological restoration plans are developed to guide project implementation. Plan development includes site assessment and surveys, mapping, restoration strategies and techniques. Costing for implementation of plans can also be provided.
Small brown tree frog sitting on a green leafEnvite Environment is able to implement targeted, systematic or opportunistic survey flora, fauna and habitat surveys. We are also experienced in specialist services such as endangered plant translocation and monitoring.
Roadside habitat reviewEnvite Environment has capacity to undertake field and office based mapping, data collection and analysis using Arc GIS software. Roadside vegetation surveys and analysis undertaken for Byron Shire and Ballina Shire Councils provide examples of GIS being used for data collection, mapping and analysis.

Surveying a site in subtropical rainforrestMonitoring and evaluation is a standard component of many ecological restoration projects. Envite has been involved in development of software designed for the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Restoration of Vegetation (MERV).

MERV provides the ability to capture, store, query and report on relevant information on vegetation structure, floristics, habitat variables, fauna, water quality, restoration works and related costings within a specifically designed MS Access database environment.

MERV allows users to gather information in a structured and systematic way which facilitates quantitative assessment and evaluation of these outcomes.

A row of saplings ready for relocationEnvite Environment can assist with environment grant funding applications. We apply for grants in partnership with public and private land managers, community groups, Indigenous organisations Landcare groups and others.

We have proven expertise in site assessment, project development, budgeting and application development in partnership with stakeholders wanting to implement ecological restoration projects.

Planting natural grassesEnvite Environment provides services in planning advice and assessment related to biodiversity impacts and development applications.

We are able to implement planning approval compliance requirements, such as compensatory habitat, restoration and threatened species translocation and monitoring.

Native Australian FlowerHabitat restoration, with a focus on management of endangered ecological communities and implementing threatened species recovery actions is a focus of many of Envite Environment’s ecological restoration projects.

NCT field Day 2012 Public workshop on siteEnviTE Environment develops customised workshops for a variety for audiences including training for land holders, Landcare volunteers, Green Army participants, Indigenous groups and others.

Workshop and field day topics include native plant and weed identification, bush regeneration including weed control techniques , plant propagation and monitoring and evaluation techniques.

Goanna on a treeEnvite Environment has development of a range of ecological restoration multimedia resources.

Resources produced include a DVD on bush regeneration techniques, manuals on plant propagation and bush regeneration, guides, posters and educational brochures.