Fish habitat rehabilitation at Maguires Creek

Envite Environment is working in partnership with private landholders, Alstonville Maguires Creek Landcare and Ozfish Unlimited to restore riparian vegetation along 1.8 km of Maguires Creek. 

Maguires Creek provides important habitat for native fish species and is a popular creek for recreational fishers. The health of the creek and the fisheries it supports has suffered severe degradation over the past 100 years. 

The project is restoring native riparian vegetation through weed control and revegetation with over 2290 native riparian species planted to date. This is contributing to improved river bank stability and reduced risk of erosion during flooding. Healthy, native riparian vegetation provides benefits for fish habitat.  

The Maguires Creek Fish Habitat Rehabilitation project is supported by the NSW Recreational Fishing Trust Habitat Action Grant Program.