Bush Regeneration brings back native plants and animals

The Byron Bay hinterland is green and lush but not all that is green is good. Virginia Seymour, Restoration Ecologist, with Envite Environment explained, “Weeds grow very well in disturbed sites and on former agricultural land. Our bush regenerators can control weeds and restore native plant and animal habitat on your property”.

The Big Scrub rainforest once extended from Byron Bay to Ballina and inland to Lismore. This 75,000ha area of lowland subtropical rainforest provided habitat to thousands of native rainforest plants and animals. By the late 19th century most of the rainforest was cleared for timber and agriculture and the rainforest was reduced to a scattered remnants.
Much of our coastal vegetation has also been disturbed by past sand mining and development. Weeds such as camphor laurel, privet, bitou bush, lantana and vine weeds have invaded remaining native vegetation.

Envite Environment bush regeneration team leader, Peter Verrall said “Our team is experienced in controlling weeds to assist natural regeneration of native plants. We use organic or conventional weed control techniques where appropriate. We also help landholders identify weeds and native plants and explain options for managing weeds and restoring native habitat.”
Virginia continued, “We can control weeds among native vegetation and plant native species in open areas to improve habitat for native birds and other animals. In areas around creeks this can reduce erosion and improve water quality. You can improve biodiversity on your property while also enhancing its value.”

Envite Environment is a not for profit organisation delivering ecological restoration services since 1993. With 24 years of experience in bush regeneration on the NSW north coast Envite has the expertise required to assist landholders restore native habitat.

In addition to bush regeneration, Envite Environment provides a range of services in partnership with Landcare, Indigenous and community groups, local councils and government agencies. Our services include ecological restoration planning, seed collection, propagation and revegetation, flora and fauna survey, large scale infrastructure landscaping projects and environmental training.
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