‘MERV’ is an acronym for software which is designed for the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Restoration of Vegetation.

MERV provides natural resource management (NRM) stakeholders the ability to capture, store, query and report on relevant information on vegetation structure, floristics, habitat variables, fauna, water quality, restoration works and related costings within a specifically designed MS Access database environment.

MERV desktop system modules:

  • Set up – manage drop down lists / application settings
  • Sites and Plots – enter details about work ‘Sites’ (areas being worked on ) and survey ‘Plots’ (type of assessment for monitoring being undertaken)
  • M&E Surveys – monitoring data collection associated with a ‘Plot’ or ‘Site’ (vegetation structure, floristics, habitat indicators, fauna survey and water quality information)
  • Restoration work – entry of details on restoration works undertaken such as weed control using manual or chemical methods, planting etc.
  • Charts – view site / plot characteristics over time via graphical display
  • Reports – view site /plot characteristics over time via report output
  • Import & export to pocket PC – transfer data to / from PDA

Many NRM projects involve considerable investment in vegetation restoration with the purpose of improving biodiversity outcomes.

MERV allows users to gather information in a structured and systematic way which facilitates quantitative assessment and evaluation of these outcomes.

MERV is free to download and use.

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