NSW Environmental Trust

Envite Environment and project partners delivered 18 NSW Environmental Trust grants in 2014-15. This including projects over one, two, three or six years.


Restoring threatened species habitats & corridors in the Tweed – Nature Conservation Trust of NSW

In a partnership between the Nature Conservation Trust (NCT) and landholders, professional bush regenerators is restoring and enhancing threatened species habitat and Lowland Rainforest on three properties protected by NCT Trust Agreements and adjoining NPWS estate in Mt Jerusalem National Park. The project is engaging the broader community through training and field day events. This [...]


Bega Valley Coastal Habitats Restoration & Educational Walking Track – Envite Environment – $100,000 / 3 years

The project is undertaking 30 ha of environmental weed control Lantana, Blackberry, Bridal Creeper and exotic grass control. An ecological restoration plan for the Coastal Walking track area guides restoration works. 2000 plants are being established. Workshops on plant identification (native and weed), weed control using best practice techniques and introduction to bush regeneration techniques [...]


Partnership coastal habitat restoration at Bundjalung National Park & Iluka Nature Reserve – Envite Environment – $100,000 / 3 years

Coastal ecosystems over 105 ha in Bundjalung National Parks and Iluka Nature Reserve (including World Heritage listed littoral rainforest) are being restored through a partnership between NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Bandjalang native title holders, Iluka Landcare and Dunecare Group and Envite Environment. This project is connecting and extending restoration work implemented to date. [...]


Community based Emu conservation in the Bungawalbin catchment – Envite Environment – $100,000 / 3 years

Ecological restoration works across private and public land in the Bungawalbin are improving the condition and connectivity of emu habitat. Old fences no longer required are restricting emu movement and are being taken down. Implementation of strategies and priority actions for the recovery of Emus is reducing threats and contributing to recovery of the Emu [...]


Rous Water Wilsons River catchment schools education and restoration project $88,179

This project was a partnership between seven government and non-government organisations promoting environmental awareness, and restoration in six schools (primary and secondary) with riparian areas on the Wilsons River in Lismore. Two programs run per school over three years, where staff and student groups participated in environmental activities on school grounds. Activities included: walks and [...]


Nature Conservation Trust of NSW Restoring high conservation value habitats and corridors in NE NSW 2 $100,000

Professional bush regenerators have restored high conservation value ecosystems on three properties protected by Nature Conservation Trust (NCT) Trust Agreements (conservation agreements). Habitat for threatened flora and fauna, and endangered ecological communities was threatened by weeds. At Limpinwood lowland rainforest, key habitats and wildlife corridors were impacted by vine weeds and woody weeds. At Chillingham [...]


Restoring & Connecting Rainforest Habitat in Wanganui Gorge Stage 1

Bush regenerators are restoring critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest in Wanganui Gorge (north) linking Nightcap World Heritage area and Goonengerry National Park. Located in a narrow gorge between the parks the area is a significant wildlife and identified climate change corridor. The site provides habitat for 28 threatened species. Implementation of systematic bush regeneration works will stimulate [...]


Big Scrub Rainforest Landcare Group Inc. Rehabilitating/restoring endangered lowland subtropical rainforest $249,900 over 6 years

This multi-stakeholder project involves: (1) regenerating and improving the ongoing health, resilience and ecological connectivity of 640 hectares of critically endangered lowland rainforest of subtropical Australia, which is habitat for 43 species listed as threatened under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act and is home to less than 70 threatened species under the NSW [...]


Tregeagle Koala habitat restoration and corridor connections – Tregeagle Landcare Group (Envite Environment Administrator) $100,000

Tregeagle Landcare Group is working with Envite Environment bush regenerators to restore and connect significant koala habitat and monitor koalas. This is a priority area (Lismore City Council Koala Management Plan) for the long term survival of koalas in the area. Lantana has been impeding koala movement and access to food trees and with camphor [...]


Broken Head HCV Coastal Wetland Sclerophyll & Rainforest Restoration – Linnaeus Landcare (Envite Administrator) $99,993

The capacity of Linnaeus Landcare and landholders to restore high conservation value vegetation being degraded by weeds is being improved through working with Envite Environment bush regenerators.  Works are enhancing a rich coastal vegetation mosaic including wetland, wet sclerophyll, subtropical and littoral rainforest communities over 200 ha (restoration area 20 ha) at Broken Head. This [...]


Improving genetic flow between Lismore koala populations – Lismore City Council (Envite Administrator) $100,000

Fragmentation of koala habitat isolates populations, impedes gene flow and reduces recruitment. Koalas need to move across the landscape for effective dispersal of sub adult koalas between breeding populations. This maintains genetic diversity and can lead to re-establishment of populations where they have died out. In partnership with landholders, industry and community, this project is [...]


Bruxner Park and Ulidarra National Park Restoration – Envite $100,000

Envite Environment bush regenerators are restoring high conservation value rainforest and old-growth moist eucalypt forest to improve habitat for threatened species. Bruxner Park Flora Reserve and the adjoining Ulidarra National Park, on the NSW north coast, comprise a dual-tenure conservation area of 1050 ha which protects part of the Coast Range located in the Coffs [...]


Restoration of Clarence Estuary Nature Reserve EECs at Yamba – Envite $100,000.

Six Endangered Ecological Communities in Clarence Estuary Nature Reserve are being restored by Envite Environment bush regenerators working with Yamba Landcare group. Littoral Rainforest, Coastal Saltmarsh, Coastal Cypress Pine Forest, Freshwater Wetlands on Coastal Floodplains, Swamp Oak Floodplain Forest & Swamp Sclerophyll Forest are represented on the project site which is an important remnant of [...]


Maclean Landcare Group Inc. Maclean forest linkages: high conservation corridors restoration $99,970 – over 3 years

Maclean Landcare, Clarence Valley Council, private landowners, Yaegl Local Aboriginal Land Council and contractors are rehabilitating lowland rainforest and sclerophyll forest in the Lower Clarence Climate Coastal Connector Corridor at Maclean. Envite Environment and Yaegl bush regenerators are controlling weed threats to habitat for threatened species. Ecological restoration is benefiting fauna by improving access to [...]


Big Scrub Rainforest Landcare Group Inc. Restoring critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest $100,000 – over 1 year ET11

This multi-stakeholder project is part of our long-term program to care for remnants of critically endangered lowland rainforest of subtropical Australia (CELRSA). It involves controlling weeds, the most immediate threat to the biodiversity and condition of lowland rainforest at 51 Big Scrub remnants that are priority repair sites in the Border Ranges Rainforest Biodiversity Management [...]


Big Scrub Rainforest Landcare Group Inc. Targeted remnant linkage enhancement across the Big Scrub $99,260 – over 3 years

Mixed rainforest and camphor laurel patches of vegetation are being converted to lowland rainforest. Professional bush regenerators are controlling camphor laurel and other weeds, allowing rainforest to replace weeds. Landholders and project sites were selected through an Expression of Interest. Conservation and connectivity value contribution to target and landholder commitment and activity determined restoration priorities [...]


Envite Environment Restoration of Newry Golden Wattle habitat near Bellingen NSW $100,000 – over 3 years

Newry Golden Wattle (Acacia chrysotricha) is a threatened species with a restricted distribution south of Bellingen in Northern NSW. It is threatened by weed encroachment from a suite of species, logging and inappropriate fire regime. Systematic bush regeneration works will control weed threats to habitat on private land. The area is key koala habitat and [...]


Envite Environment Restoration of Bogal corridors and EECs by improving habitat links $100,000 – over 3 years

Professional bush regenerators, including members of the Bogal Aboriginal community, are restoring wetland and lowland vegetation providing highly significant old growth habitat for many threatened fauna species. Yarringully Nature Reserve and Bogal Local Aboriginal Land Council land in Bungawalbin Creek catchment are the meeting point of three climate change corridors and are significant to the [...]