Project Description

Ecological restoration works across private and public land in the Bungawalbin are improving the condition and connectivity of emu habitat. Old fences no longer required are restricting emu movement and are being taken down. Implementation of strategies and priority actions for the recovery of Emus is reducing threats and contributing to recovery of the Emu on the NSW North Coast. Bogal Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) is engaged in the project through monitoring programs and training related to the project. Specialist contractors are engaged to control dogs / foxes /pigs to reduce predation on eggs and chicks. Landowners are supported to undertake training and to survey for emus, feral pigs and wild dogs through remote camera trapping. The project works with groups such as the Northern Rivers Fire and Biodiversity Consortium and Bungawalbin Feral Pig Management Committee to enhance Emu conservation.

This project has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.