Project Description

Bush regenerators are restoring critically endangered lowland rainforest and habitat for threatened plant and animal species in the Gondwana World Heritage Area of Dorrigo National Park and surrounds. Restoration works are being implemented at three sites in Dorrigo National Park and Dangar Falls Reserve. Vegetation communities also include Antarctic Beech, Cool Temperate Rainforest, Port Jackson Cyprus woodland and Temperate rainforest. Weed infestation, including small-leaved privet, Japanese honeysuckle, lantana and camphor laurel, is degrading native plant communities and limiting regeneration. Around 140 000 people visit the reserves annually. Locals and visitors will be able to participate and learn through field days which demonstrate the conservation significance of the area and develop awareness of the need to manage threats such as weeds.

This project has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.