Project Description

Skyline Terrace Reserve is part of the greater Burleigh Green Space Conservation Reserves network. The reserve network provides habitat for a surprisingly high diversity of flora and fauna, including 325 native plants, over 100 vertebrate species and an invertebrate assemblage likely to be in the thousands.

Historically, these rich natural resources made the area a popular food gathering area for traditional owners. The main threats to Burleigh Green Space Reserves are those associated with urbanisation and small reserve size, including weed invasion, wildlife disturbance by people and domestic animals, vandalism, limited connectivity and difficulty in maintaining viable population size for some species. A key element of the plan is its emphasis on coordinated management with neighbouring land managers.

Skyline Terrace Reserve is refuge to significant flora including; Trefoil Desmodium heterocarpon, Long Leaved Tuckaroo Cupaniopsis newmanii, Fine Leaved Red Gum Eucalyptus seeana, Dysentary Plant Grewia latifolia, Hairy indigo Indigofera hirsute, Spermacoce brachystema, Kreysigia Tripladenia Cunninghamii, Burny vine Trophis scandens and Veiny wilkea Wilkea huegeliana. Skyline Terrace reserve is also provides important habitat for the iconic Koala Phascolarctos cinereus, and a broad range of other fauna, including the Grey Headed Flying Fox Pteropus poliocephalus, Sugar Glider Petaurus breviceps, Red-Necked Wallaby Macropus rufogriseus.

The good condition of the reserve, vegetation and quality of habitat is threatened by numerous invasive weeds including Ochna Ochna serrata, Ground asparagus Asparagus aethiopicus, Privet Ligustrum lucidum, Lantana Lantana camara, Leaf Cactus Pereskia aculeata, Dragon Fruit Cactus Hylocereus undatus, Umbrella Tree and Shefflera actinophylla. The EnviTE bush regeneration team are currently actively managing these weeds strategically and comprehensively using best practice techniques.