Project Description

At Bruxner Park Road, Coffs Harbour, Envite Environment bush regenerators are assisting landholders to convert abandoned avocado and banana land back to native forest. Envite has been contracted by Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare to implement a Vegetation Management Strategy. The project is funded through North Coast Land Services Targeted Landcare Small Grants Program. The initial weed control works were self-funded by the property owners.

Works aim to restore native forest providing habitat for wildlife whilst retaining panoramic oceans views. Envite Environment bush regenerators have controlled weeds including Lantana, Crofton Weed, Ground Asparagus, Senna, Umbrella Tree and Kahili Ginger.

The ability of the site to naturally regenerate unassisted is limited due to reduced native seed source, loss of top soil, rocky terrain and high weed densities across the property.Assisted revegetation through tree planting is the recommended method for restoration works using the existing avocado trees as protection for young tree seedlings. Suitable planting species are Acacia irrorata (Green Wattle), Acacia maidenii (Maiden’s Wattle), Allocasuarina torulosa (Forest Oak), Eucalyptus microcoris (Tallowwood), Eucalyptus propinqua (Small-fruited Grey Gum), and Lophostemon confertus (Brush Box). The re-establishment of native forest will provide a connection with existing native vegetation on neighbouring properties to facilitate wildlife movement across this landscape.