Project Description

Bush regenerators are restoring critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest in Wanganui Gorge (north) linking Nightcap World Heritage area and Goonengerry National Park. Located in a narrow gorge between the parks the area is a significant wildlife and identified climate change corridor. The site provides habitat for 28 threatened species. Implementation of systematic bush regeneration works will stimulate natural rainforest regeneration in this highly resilient site with benefits for the health and connectivity of flora and fauna habitat. Replacing extensive areas of lantana with rainforest in this corridor will enhance resilience to climate change and other threats. Weeds, particularly lantana, are restricting natural regeneration and growth of native species. Field days will showcase restoration works and develop community awareness of the significance of the area and how to manage threats posed by weeds.

This project has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.