Dorrigo National Park World Heritage Ecological Restoration 3


Completed: June 2017 The Green Army team will work in partnership with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. Control of serious weeds will improve the health of lowland rainforest in World Heritage listed Dorrigo National Park.  Participants will grow native plants for use in revegetation. The project improve habitat for threatened species. Track maintenance will protect the rainforest from human [...]

Coastal habitat restoration at Iluka Nature Reserve & Bundjalung National Park 3


Completed: June, 2017 The Green Army team will work with NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service and Iluka Landcare Dunecare Group in Bundjalung National Park and Iluka Nature Reserve. Control of weeds will improve the health of littoral rainforest in World Heritage listed Iluka Nature Reserve. Planting local native species will also be undertaken. Works [...]

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