Ecological restoration services are implemented in partnership with:

  • Private and public land managers
  • Indigenous Communities
  • Landcare, Dunecare & other community groups
  • Local Councils
  • State Government
  • Australian Government
  • Parks & Forestry
  • Private landholders
  • Land & Road Development Consultants & Contractors

Envite Environment has implemented environmental grants exceeding $10.6 million and other ecological restoration contracts valued at over $12 million. In 2014 – 2015, 28 environmental grants and over 100 fee-for-service projects are underway.

Gold Coast – Post burn weed control


John Rogers Parklands and Cobradah Court Reserve  The John Rogers parklands is situated at Mugeerabah, the reserve provides an important link in the Mudgeeraba - Hinze Dam Conservation Reserve system. It location provides connectivity in rich vegetation, habitat and water resource of the conservation area. Recently a hazard reduction burn has been implemented across the [...]

Gold Coast – Skyline Terrace Reserve


Skyline Terrace Reserve is part of the greater Burleigh Green Space Conservation Reserves network. The reserve network provides habitat for a surprisingly high diversity of flora and fauna, including 325 native plants, over 100 vertebrate species and an invertebrate assemblage likely to be in the thousands. Historically, these rich natural resources made the area a [...]

Gold Coast Dune Restoration – Surfers Paradise to Mermaid Beach


Envite Environment bush regeneration contractors work to restore ecosystems on sites in the Gold Coast region. This includes systematic weed control work is taking place across 19 hectares of dunes from Surfers Paradise to Mermaid Beach. Managing vegetation on the dune system is important to protect sand from erosion and to provide habitat for [...]

Restoring steep agricultural land at Coffs Harbour


At Bruxner Park Road, Coffs Harbour, Envite Environment bush regenerators are assisting landholders to convert abandoned avocado and banana land back to native forest. Envite has been contracted by Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare to implement a Vegetation Management Strategy. The project is funded through North Coast Land Services Targeted Landcare Small Grants Program. The initial [...]

Coffs Coast Housing Developments Revegetation


EnviTE Environment bush regeneration contractors implement revegetation projects across new housing developments along the Coffs Coast. The restoration works are in line with Vegetation Management Plans approved by Coffs Harbour City Council as part of the development application consent process. Revegetation and weed control works include significant areas of Swamp Sclerophyll Forest on Coastal Wetland [...]

Land for Wildlife


EnviTE Environment is the regional provider for Land for Wildlife on behalf of the Community Environment Network (CEN) in the Coffs Harbour and Bellingen area. Land for Wildlife encourages and assists voluntary biodiversity conservation on private land. The program connects and supports landholders to maintain wildlife habitats on their land. Private landholders play a key [...]

Everlasting Swamp Ecological Restoration


Located adjacent to the Clarence River 20km north east of Grafton, the newly formed Everlasting Swamp National Park (2014) is being restored with support from a range of Envite programs. Everlasting Swamp is of one of the largest remaining coastal floodplain freshwater wetlands in New South Wales. The wetlands are habitat for a large number [...]

Nimbin Rocks Co-operative restoring high conservation value habitat


The condition and connectivity of native vegetation including rainforest and habitat for threatened species is being improved.  Cattle exclusion fencing is protecting biodiversity in the Voluntary Conservation area at Nimbin Rocks.  Nimbin Rocks landcare and private landholders will work with professional bush regenerators to limit the spread of weeds. Community awareness and capacity to restore ecosystems will be [...]

Restoration of Fleay’s Barred Frog habitat in Nightcap National Park


Threats to the endnagered Fleay's Barred Frog (Mixophyes fleayi) are being reduced through control of weeds including mistflower at known breeding sites at Terania Creek in Nightcap National Park. Mistflower changes breeding habitat structure, clogging up gravel beds and reducing space. Actions are taken to minimise the spread of Chytrid fungal disease (hygiene protocols). Cane Toads are [...]

Restoring the natural values of the Yuraygir coastline


The project is restoring and rehabilitating six kilometres of high conservation value coastal vegetation in Yuraygir National Park which is threated by major infestations of Bitou Bush, a Weed of National Significance and other coastal weeds. Condition and connectivity of threatened species habitat and endangered ecological communities (including littoral rainforest and themeda grassland on headlands) is being improved. Landcare [...]