Ecological restoration services are implemented in partnership with:

  • Private and public land managers
  • Indigenous Communities
  • Landcare, Dunecare & other community groups
  • Local Councils
  • State Government
  • Australian Government
  • Parks & Forestry
  • Private landholders
  • Land & Road Development Consultants & Contractors

Envite Environment has implemented environmental grants exceeding $10.6 million and other ecological restoration contracts valued at over $12 million. In 2014 – 2015, 28 environmental grants and over 100 fee-for-service projects are underway.

Dorrigo World Heritage Area Ecological Restoration


Bush regenerators are restoring critically endangered lowland rainforest and habitat for threatened plant and animal species in the Gondwana World Heritage Area of Dorrigo National Park and surrounds. Restoration works are being implemented at three sites in Dorrigo National Park and Dangar Falls Reserve. Vegetation communities also include Antarctic Beech, Cool Temperate Rainforest, Port Jackson Cyprus woodland and Temperate [...]

Nightcap Threatened Species Recovery


The Nightcap Threatened Species Recovery project is restoring critically endangered lowland subtropical rainforest in a wildlife corridor providing habitat for 21 EPBC listed threatened species. this project is funded by the Australian Government National Landcare Programme Threatened Species Recovery Program. Extensive areas of lantana and other weeds degrade threatened species habitat in the Wanganui Gorge and Minyon [...]

Coastal habitat restoration at Iluka Nature Reserve & Bundjalung National Park 3


Completed: June, 2017 The Green Army team will work with NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service and Iluka Landcare Dunecare Group in Bundjalung National Park and Iluka Nature Reserve. Control of weeds will improve the health of littoral rainforest in World Heritage listed Iluka Nature Reserve. Planting local native species will also be undertaken. Works [...]

Koala Habitat Restoration in Lismore LGA


Habitat for koalas is being improved with funding from Perpetual Philanthropic Grants, NSW Environmental Trust, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and Lismore City Council. Koalas are a threatened species in NSW. Threats include loss and degradation of habitat, disease, dog attack and vehicle strike. A partnership between Council, Friends of the Koala, Tregeagle Landcare, [...]

Ecological Restoration Plans


Ecological Restoration Plans assess the condition of ecosystems and provide strategies to guide ecological restoration. Plans include native and weed species lists, maps illustrating the site and showing work zones, identification of threats to ecosystems and methods to reduce threats including invasive weeds. Envite Environment has developed  plans in partnership with public and private land [...]

Ecological restoration and Aboriginal cultural connections on Jali Seven Mile Heath and Wetland


Jali Local Aboriginal Land Council and Envite Environment developed a restoration plan for 815ha of coastal heath and wetlands. Envite Environment provided training in Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management and mentored Jali Indigenous Green Team bush regenerators. Restoration has included ecological burning, weed control and revegetation. Field days and training events have developed [...]

Community Training Workshops and Field Days


In the past year over 1500 people have taken part in workshops and field days coordinated by Envite Environment. Workshops include identification of plants, bush regeneration techniques, native plant propagation and restoration monitoring and evaluation methods. Field days have showcased project achievements and demonstrated how to undertake ecological restoration in ecosystems as diverse as coastal [...]

Big Scrub Lowland Rainforest Restoration


Big Scrub Landcare aims to save critically endangered Lowland Subtropical Rainforest and its magnificent biodiversity. Working with Envite Environment as project manager over 21 years, over $2.5 million has been obtained from grants and donations delivering 7500+ days of restoration by professional bush regenerators at over 90 Lowland Rainforest remnants in northern NSW. Lowland Rainforest [...]

Wompoo Gorge Ecological Restoration


Located in a narrow gorge between Nightcap World Heritage Area and Goonengerry National Park the site is habitat for over 17 threatened animals and 10 threatened plant species. Envite Environment has implemented seven years of lowland rainforest restoration. Lantana was blocking rainforest regeneration. Control of lantana over 30ha included tractor clearing, over-spraying and hand weeding. [...]

Wilsons River Catchment School Education & Restoration


The regional water supply authority, Rous Water, received funding from NSW Environmental Trust for this project. Envite Environment manages the project in partnership with Lismore City Council, Landcare, Wildlife Rescue, Friends of the Koala, Southern Cross University and six local schools located  along the Wilsons River. Students are participating in environmental activities and tree planting [...]