Envite is the Environment Division of Workways Australia and has delivered ecological restoration services since 1993. Envite Environment delivers quality services with a range of partners.

Envite Environment’s longevity and depth of Natural Resource Management (NRM) knowledge and skills is responsible for a reputation for delivering high quality results on time.

The organisation has successfully completed over 1500 projects. Between 2010 – 2019 Envite Environment completed work valued over $24 million.


  • Respectful
  • Accountable
  • Ethical
  • Sustainable
  • Engaged


To restore our natural environment in partnership with local communities and provide social and economic benefits by enabling people to participate in the workforce, develop their potential and contribute to society.


A healthy natural environment with socially inclusive economies and communities.

Geographic Reach

Envite Environment is the Environment Division of Workways Australia, a not-for-profit, charitable employment and community services organisation.  Workways Australia provides services across Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Queensland. Envite Environment originated in northern New South Wales and now provides environmental services in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.


Envite Environment provides training in conservation and land management skills including bush regeneration techniques, native and weed plant identification and native plant propagation.

Training is also provided in high level technical skills such as environmental monitoring. Community based training is developed in consultation with local groups to meet identified needs for knowledge and skill development related to ecological restoration projects.

Knowledge and experience

Envite Environment’s has over 40 employees including 10 environmental scientists who are experienced with site assessment, flora and fauna studies, data collection and analysis, vegetation mapping, restoration monitoring and evaluation programs and development and implementation of natural resource management projects.

Bush regeneration teams

Envite Environment combines high level technical expertise with practical skills and experience. We have a large team of qualified bush regenerators with strong local knowledge and experience working in a variety of ecosystems.

In expanding out services to new areas we seek to contract or employ local bush regenerators with relevant qualifications, experience and local knowledge.


Landscaping teams

Envite Environment has also developed a capacity to take on large scale infrastructure landscaping projects.  An example is landscaping associated with Pacific Highway upgrades in northern NSW.

Abigail Wills

State Manager – Victoria

Abigail is committed to protecting and restoring our unique natural environment. As State Manager for Victoria Abi leads Envite Environment’s range of programs working with local communities to restore ecosystems including after the Black Summer bushfires in East Gippsland.

Maree Thompson

Senior Environment Coordinator

Expertise in ecological restoration project development, grant and contract applications, restoration plan development, project management, coordination and reporting with over 20 years’ experience with Envite Environment.

Mick  Webb

Area Manager – Coffs Harbour & Clarence NSW

Mick has over 16 years experience in ecological restoration. His role includes project development, resourcing, GIS, site assessment and environmental restoration planning.  He has worked with multiple stakeholders including RMS, developers , community organisations, Landcare and Aboriginal Land Councils.

Dan  Cox

Area Manager SE Queensland & Northern NSW

Dan has over 14 years experience in environmental project coordination, team management, flora survey, site assessment and planning, use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to monitor and evaluate environmental outcomes, production of ecological restoration plans, delivery of best practice bush regeneration, revegetation and propagation. Dan has expertise in on-ground delivery of restoration in endangered ecological communities including rainforests, wetlands, coastal dunes, riparian areas, sclerophyll forests and other vegetation communities.

Georgina Jones

Restoration Ecologist

Expertise in ecological restoration and community education with 18 years’ experience. Skills in developing educational resources, community ecological training, project development, GIS mapping, coordination and reporting.

Iain Stych

Ecological Restoration Team Leader

Iain has over 10 years team supervision and coordination experience working in partnership with private and public landholders, local councils, government agencies, Landcare and community organisations. Iains background includes over 20 years animal husbandry experience in zoos including fauna monitoring and recovery program management.

Yann Riou

Ecological Restoration Team Leader

Yann has over 12 years experience in ecological restoration including planning and implementation of best practice bush regeneration works. Yann leads his team in the restoration of a range of ecosystems including rainforest, coastal ecosystems, riparian area and Sclerophyll  forests.

Jason Page

Ecological Restoration Team Leader

Jason has completed projects in wetland and waterway conservation, civil development offset plantings and koala  habitat revegetation across south east QLS and northern NSW. He holds a strong commitment to the ecological restoration of every site under his supervision in the Coffs Harbour / Bellingen area.