Our Teams

Our teams work closely with partners to deliver in excess of a hundred projects each year, ranging from small, private landholder restorations to large, multi-year projects across vast ecosystems.

Our Customers

Our customers and funding bodies are also our valued partners, and we are passionate about collaborating to inspire and engage communities to restore and conserve our natural environment.

Traditional Owners

Envite has extensive experience working on land management projects in partnership with traditional owners across the East Coast of Australia including on Bundjalung, Yaegl and Gumbaynggirr country.

Collaborating with local Land Councils and Aboriginal Corporations, Envite has delivered a range of projects that combine the technical skills of our bush regenerators with the skills and long-held knowledge of the custodians of the land.

Envite staff work with the Traditional Owners to understand the cultural values and protocols of the community before commencing work on country. We work alongside these communities and, together, we share our knowledge to protect and enhance the lands on which we work.

These partnerships have achieved outcomes that have high social, environmental and cultural value, and promote healthy ecosystems, create viable habitats and restore connectivity in our landscapes. Participants in our projects with Traditional Owners are handing down their knowledge and wisdom of maintaining place to develop a strong sense of purpose in their communities.

Envite staff are experienced in supporting projects with Traditional Owners, showing a deep respect for culture and country, an understanding of decision making and hierarchal structures; and communicating respectfully.

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Local Government

We apply our environmental management expertise to support works under fixed contract or fee for service agreements.

The benefits to local Government of working with Envite include:

  • Expert advice with proven experience supporting crown land NRM projects
  • Timely and cost-effective management of native vegetation
  • Access to resourcing that can be scaled up or down dependent on demand
  • Provision of project records and outcome to support reporting to ratepayers
  • Existing knowledge of local Government procurement processes

Envite also runs traineeship programs for disadvantaged members of the community, creating pathways to further education and ongoing employment. Trainees gain real world experience on Council projects (in supervised conditions) generating social value within the local community.

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Developers and Project Managers

Envite supports Commercial and Public Infrastructure project managers through the delivery of native vegetation landscaping and biodiversity offsets, vital components of many large-scale projects.

  • Site surveys
  • Impact Assessments
  • Project plans and on-ground implementation
  • Site inspections and recommendations for offset programs
  • Provision of technical resources and seedlings

Envite offers competitive pricing and proven expertise in delivering projects to specifications.

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Envite provides services to private landholders to support a number of purposes including restoration of native vegetation, increasing wildlife on properties, regenerating farmland, controlling weeds or providing education on the local ecosystems.

Restoring native vegetation and habitat has positive effects on biodiversity and agricultural productivity:

  • Reducing erosion and land degradation;
  • Reducing heat stress in livestock and creating protective windbreaks;
  • Protecting soil and improving soil moisture;
  • Providing habitats for native birds and insects that control pests;
  • Improving water quality.

We work with landholders to seek funding from various agencies to support ecological restoration works on private, and can also provide guidance on creating covenants and / or conservation agreements to preserve native vegetation.

Other services including weed management, bush regeneration, native plantings and landscaping, mapping and property planning, and education and advice on future land management.

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Not for Profit & Research Institutions

Envite has developed strong partnerships with similarly purpose-driven organisations to deliver projects that benefit the community and natural environment. We are passionate about collaboration to drive better environmental and social outcomes, and to increase awareness in the community of the importance of conservation and ecological restoration.

We have partnered with organisations with shared values such as World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Landcare, Voluntary alliances and Trusts to combine our skills and provide on-ground resources and expertise.

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Federal and State Government

Envite is experienced in delivering environmental works projects for State and Federal Governments including ecological restoration of high value conservation areas, community education programs, reestablishment of habitat corridors, and training and employment programs that benefit economic development.

Many of Envite’s large scale projects are supported by Federal and State funding with expectations to deliver important environmental, social and economic benefits to the community. On many of our multi-year projects, we have been fortunate to receive long-term funding allowing a sustained focus on ecological restoration works.

Envite is a trusted partner with a track record of delivering (often exceeding) expected outcomes, on time and on budget. We consistently meet reporting requirements and provide scientific and physical evidence of project achievements.

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Projects supported by State and Federal Governments include:

  • Bushfire Recovery restoration and weed management in areas impacted by the Black Summer bushfires of 2019/20
  • Delivery of traineeships in Conservation and Land Management
  • Ongoing research and recovery of Moonee Quassia populations
  • Complete restoration of the Big Scrub tract of Rainforest
  • Numerous Environmental Trust projects
  • Federal Government 20 million Tree Project
  • Federal Government Biodiversity Fund
  • Green Army
  • Gippsland Drought Employment Program