14th June 2024

Envite’s restoration ecologist in Coffs Harbour and Grafton recently participated in a specialised workshop on Eucalyptus tree identification within primary koala habitats.

The workshop, led by esteemed local plant ecologist and botanist Ross Macleay, provided our staff and community members with a comprehensive understanding of plant identification principles for various
Eucalyptus species in the local area.

The training day involved a combination of venturing into the field to observe and identify different species of Eucalyptus trees in their natural environment, and exploring methods and tools for accurately identifying Eucalyptus trees, including leaf morphology, bark patterns, and other distinguishing features.

Participants not only mastered plant identification principles for various Eucalyptus species, but also learned about their crucial role in supporting koala populations and biodiversity. A huge emphasis was placed on conserving these vital habitats and addressing threats to our beloved koalas.

This project is funded by Coffs Harbour City Council Environmental Levy

14th June 2024